Pedrick-Paradis Benevolent Fund

Support of the hospice patients and families in our care.

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Pedrick-Paradis Benevolent Fund

The Pedrick-Paradis Endowment Fund provides a continuous annual income to The Senator Bob Hooper House in support of the hospice patients and families in our care. A healthy endowment is perpetually grown and nurtured to ensure that the Senator Bob Hooper House and its services remain strong and are never limited by a lack of resources.

Gifts to the endowment provide the financial security of permanent funding that:

  • Ensures the highest quality care for hospice patients and their families in Harford County and the surrounding area who need our support.

  • Helps provide quality palliative care as well as hospice and end-of-life services regardless of ability to pay.

  • Ensures that quality programs grow to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

  • Sustains continuous staff training and advancement.

Endowment is often called the “gift that keeps giving” and when added to the annual support we receive from generous donors, it ensures the quality and availability of hospice care. Endowment gifts are invested to preserve the value of the donor’s contribution and to generate the annual income needed to serve our community. Investment policies guiding the selection and performance of investment managers, and all decisions regarding expenditure of income are overseen by the Foundation Board of Trustees.