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Senator Bob Hooper House

2007 Klein Plaza Drive / Forest Hill, MD 21050

Main Phone Number: 410.809.2191 / Fax Number: 410.809.2187

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Q. What is a Hospice Residence?

Senator Bob Hooper House is a place of peace and serenity for those in the final stages of life. And, because each person’s death – like each person’s life- is unique- our residence focuses in individual… …MORE

Q. What kind of services are offered in the Residence?

The residence provides the personal care needs for the terminally ill patient. …MORE

Q. Who is eligible to reside in the Residence?

To be eligible for admission, a patient must: …MORE

Q. How much does it cost?

The professional staff of nurses, social workers, chaplain and home health aides services is usually reimbursed… …MORE